Post: Big Brother VIP, Nikita Pelison: “There is a girl I know in the House, I’m already biased”

Gf Vip 7 winner revealed on Rosy Chin.

Nikita Pelizon she was one of the most discussed and beloved heroines Big Brother VIP. Interview by Giovanna Abate and Gabriele Parpiglia for SDLtv, la winner of the seventh edition she talked about her plans for the future and said that she knows the current participant in the competition reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

Nikita Pelizon and words about the Pink Chin

Nikita Pelizon she returned to talk about her experience at Casa del Big Brother VIP in a new interview with Giovanna Abata and Gabriela Parpiglia. Without further ado, the young model and influencer admitted that she remained on good terms with several former playmates and started relationships. revelations about the cast of the new edition of the Canale 5 reality show:

I have stayed on good terms with a few people, this is one of the few reality shows that has given me more friends because I don’t usually get to make that many friends with people. I’m very lonely, so you don’t often see me with others, I stay at home to draw, read, meditate. But if they call me or say that they are sick, I will go home first and bring them medicine.

I would answer Antonella Fiordelisi and also Luca Onestini, I have no problem. […] New Big Brother? There’s a girl I know inside, Rosie, so I’m already biased.

The chapter is closed girlfriend, Nikita he then wanted to respond to the criticism he received for his recent participation in Venice Festival:

I’m used to criticism, everything is fine, it would be strange if it didn’t exist. My goal was to wear a dress that would send a message about America’s decision to use artificial intelligence in film. It was a great experience, I didn’t sleep for a day and a half when I got back. I was invited to participate, often you receive an invitation to watch a film and make a corresponding carpet.

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