Post: Matthew McConaughey in video reaction to his wax statue for Madame Tussauds

The View guest Matthew McConaughey was very impressed with the unveiling of his wax statue ready for Madame Tussauds. He didn’t fail to joke about the slightly disturbing resemblance…

It also arrived for Matthew McConaughey time to look at yourself wax statue for the museum Madame Tussauds, as usual, with a rather unsettling resemblance. There reaction actor in video spread on social networks, being a guest of the “Vzglyad” program, she was ironic and knew how to hide a certain anxiety in the face of this particular type of honor…

Matthew McConaughey on his wax statue: “I think artificial intelligence is in full swing!”

Matthew McConaughey was a guest on the talk show The View, of which he was also co-host Whoopi Goldberg. The star was not in the program to promote the film, but his own first children’s bookentitled “Just becauseand illustrated by Rene Kurilla, published in the USA just yesterday. On this occasion her reaction V unveiling of a wax statue who depicts him, for wax museums Madame Trussaud. An honor that inevitably makes the participants joke, given that, as we all know, these statues natural size they are created for maximum realism and therefore sometimes vaguely anxious
“I think the AI ​​is in full shape!” Matthew joked as he watched the 360° playback, adding that he actually learnedcloth about his wax alter ego: “I don’t remember when, but I actually wore that dress, I remember those shoes!” The final decision was predictable: “This is madness… she seems alive!”

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