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Post: Big Brother, everyone is against Grecia Colmenares? Cesara Buonamichi intervenes: “If she comes out, it’s your turn to get out.”


In the new episode of GF, the first clashes broke out between Grecia Colmenares and some of the girls of the House. Let’s see what happened together!

New episode Big Brotheraired tonight, Monday, September 18, on the channel Channel 5began with initial controversy, with some of the youngest competitors in the House of Representatives opposing him. Greece Colmenaresaccused of acting like a “fake fool” by making people believe she is more naive than she really is.

GF, Grecia Colmenares left? Cesara Buonamici intervenes: “If she leaves, you will have to do the cleaning.”

Tonight we’ll have to choose who to save Pink chin, Giselda Torresan, Greece Colmenares AND Vittorio Menozzi and at the beginning of the episode Alfonso Signorini asked the soap queen how she got through this week. The actress, in fact, worked especially hard in the house to keep it in order, but she also planned a nightly prank on her companions, which did not go down well with the rest of the Jeffeenies. He thought about protecting her Massimiliano Varresebut there seems to be a lot of friction between the competitors Greece.

The presenter asked for an explanation Laetitia Petris, Samira Louis AND Anita Olivieria real clique had formed against the actress: the three younger Jiffins objected to the excessive energy that their older rival puts into everything she does, but also because Greece she only pretends to be naive, but in reality she is a skilled strategist and smarter than she appears, as she points out Anita:

“She lives in her own world, but she’s always present when she’s being nice, OK, but then she makes a face that lets you know it’s not a joke. I have a good relationship with Grecia, but she is a strategist.”

From my side, Grecia wanted to highlight how the three girls were deliberately exaggerating their dislike for him. just because of today’s episode. He thought about closing the case Cesara Buonamichi who, as a commentator, intervened with a lapidary comment:

“Girls, if Greece leaves home, then what she does, for example, vacuuming all day, will have to be divided between you. Think about it”.


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