Post: Big Brother: “I see too much male vanity in Paolo Masella” Cesare Buonamici thus slaps the pinch

During the discussion with Giselda Torresan, Paolo Masella wanted to emphasize once again that the nomination was born from the desire not to harm Jeffina by misleading her. After these words, Cesar Buonamici criticized Paolo Masella, calling him full of male vanity!

The motivation behind this has sparked a lot of debate in recent days. Paolo Masella nominates Giselda Torresan in the second episode Big Brother. To the conductor Alfonso SignoriniIn fact, the bite revealed that behind this choice there was an attempt to protect the jiffina, because the butcher had a feeling that Giselda she was falling in love with him.

GF: “I think Paolo Masella is full of male vanity,” so Cesara Buonamici puts a stop to it!

In today’s episode, Monday, September 18th, Paolo Masella AND Giselda Torresan they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and see their comments after the nomination. In confession, both looked embarrassed, but firm in their convictions. Giselda She repeated that although she thought he was a handsome guy, he was still too young for her, and that if she showed up at home with such a young guy, “her father would have shot her”.

Vanity Paolo Masella this did not go unnoticed even in the studio, where Cesara Buonamichi he decided to express his opinion, presses hard bite and his bitter comment about Giffina, noting that it was certainly a strategic choice given that Torresan especially loved by the public, but also notices that the young butcher too full of male vanity:

“Giselda is loud, but not stupid. Although Paolo seems to be very self-centered, and this causes him to make somewhat hasty judgments. I’ll tell you that in Florentine style, in this situation, Paolo “took his breath.”


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