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Post: Tiziano Ferro announces divorce from husband Victor Allen: “Painful moment”


Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen broke up. The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share a painful announcement about her divorce from her husband.

Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen split up. The singer-songwriter shared painful rash revealing that he had also begun divorce proceedings. The couple married in July 2019 in Sabaudia with a civil ceremony, and earlier in Los Angeles. Tiziano Ferro announced in 2022 that he had become father From Margarita and Andres.

Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen broke up: “We have started divorce proceedings”

lannouncement on Instagram by Tiziano Ferro:

“As always, whether it’s joy or pain, I tell you my story. Because I wouldn’t know how to do otherwise, because I trust you. For some time, a painful separation from Victor began. I faced it in silence, protecting everyone’s privacy. We recently started divorce proceedings. “This is a delicate time in which my full attention is focused on protecting my two wonderful children who currently spend most of their time at home with me.”

“At the moment I can’t leave them and I can’t take them with me to Italy. For this reason, it is with great sadness that I have to cancel the commitments made with you and with Mondadori to present my first novel: a meeting that I have been waiting for all my life. You know: I went on tour against the advice of doctors. I would never have canceled those concerts, I would have I never deprived myself of the joy of meeting you again after six years, singing and dancing together.”

“However, this time is different. This is not about me and my health, but about two very young children and their peace of mind.”

“I apologize profusely, but they are my priority now. Your affection has always supported me in difficult situations, and I am sure that it will be the same this time: I believe in your kind heart. This dark moment will pass and we will return back. sing and laugh, talk about my book, my life… our life. We will still see each other, even from a distance. I love you, Tiziano.”

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