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Post: Big Brother Beatrice Luzzi returns to attack Rosie Chin after live broadcast: ‘Lying and self-centered’


Beatrice Luzzi and Rosie Chin: It’s a Big Brother showdown.

In yesterday’s episode Big Brother on air first live fight between two competitors. We’re talking about an actress Beatrice Luzzi and Chinese Chef Rosie Chinwho became the main characters harsh face to face, in which accusations flew.

Beatrice Luzzi vs Rosie Chin

Beatrice Luzzi returned to attack Rosie Chin after an episode of Big Brother.. Cause? As reported by Biccy, the behavior of the Chinese chef at Casa Cinecittà did not seem to convince the actress, who, speaking with other contestants after the live broadcast, accused Rosie of being deceitful and self-centered:

She was acting really cute in this episode and now she is getting fucked again. If you notice, every time Rosie talks to someone she ends up talking about herself again, so how much does she actually listen to what others have to say? What if it’s fake? In my opinion, anyone who behaves this way is insincere. But I liked the confrontation that happened in this episode. But now she’s angry because I told her she’s self-centered. She’s self-centered! She asked me: “So am I self-centered?”, I answered: “Yes, I am!”

Myself Beatrice he commented on the episode along with other contestants girlfriend, Rosie Yes it spoke to Claudio Roma declaring that he is the only one strategy for her it is only possible to be herself:

I’m starting a week full of arguments, I don’t necessarily want people to like me, and I use strategy. My strategy is to be yourself, whether you like it or not. I want to leave here with my head held high.

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