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Post: Big Brother Letizia Petris after her clash with Grecia Colmenares: “I felt terrible, I felt guilty” (VIDEO)


Laetitia Petris’s outburst on Big Brother.

Last episode Big Brother, which aired yesterday, Monday, September 18, 2023, was a blast. After Beatrice Luzzi and Rosie Chin competitors Letizia Petris, Anita Olivieri and Grecia Colmenares they became the main characters live confrontation after a quarrel happened within a week.

Letizia Petris and her words about Grecia Colmenares

In yesterday’s episode Big Brother, Alfonso Signorini also took the opportunity to talk about numerous criticisms of Anita Olivieri towards Grecia Colmenares. For those who don’t know, the latter came to the attention of the young contestants, who announced their position towards the actress live on air.

Myself Anita accused Grecia of being a smart strategist, Laetitia Petrisquestioned by the presenter girlfriendsaid that she felt bad after argue:

I admit, I am very touchy, but his look really seemed like a mockery to me […] I felt terrible all day, my friends know this, I felt guilty for keeping my classmates up. I was disappointed by Grecia’s behavior. I apologize if I exaggerated in my words because he is still a bigger person than me.

Beatrice Luzzi also intervened in the discussion, trying to calm the situation and ease the situation:

I think it all started with a misunderstanding. Greece might have thought they were going to play a prank on her, but she went too far and woke up Alex, who complained the next day. Everything was born from here.

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