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Post: Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi were caught watching Ilari Blasi’s Instagram story: the video went viral


Francesco Totti and his new partner were immortalized by SportItalia cameras while viewing Ilari Blasi’s Instagram profile.

Yesterday afternoon, Monday, September 18, the match between Roma Primavera and Frosinone took place at the Tre Fontane stadium. In the stands to witness the debut son Christianthey were present Francesco Totti with his partner Noemi Bocchi and even further his ex-wife Ilari Blasi with Christian’s girlfriend Melissa Mont. The two ex-spouses apparently ignored each other in the stands, but one moment in particular went viral.

The former Roma number 10 found himself in the company of his girlfriend Naomifriend Elisa Barbieri and the latter’s husband, Giancarlo Pantano. Totti and Noemi were immortalized from cameras SportItaly When Barbieri showed them the display of her smartphone with the latest Ilari Blasi story on Ig. (selfie with Melissa with caption: “Number One Fans”). There mouths she looked particularly irritated and looked around while Tottifor his part, he seemed surprised.

video it immediately took the internet by storm and the couple’s facial expressions went viral, filled with memes and jokes. Obvious social digs followed soon after. Ivan Perukh, husband of Silvia Blasi, sister of the presenter. Poupone’s ex-brother-in-law shared the clip on his Instagram Stories with a meme that read: “Look at Mado***.”

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