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Post: Desire – Angelica Cabral in the cast of the Disney musical


Angelica Cabral will join Chris Pine, Ariana DeBose and Alan Tudyk in the voice-overs of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary musical “Desire”, which will be released in Italian cinemas on December 21st.

Wish – Disney’s 62nd Animated Classic Film – Welcomes New Cast Members, Angelica Cabral. According to an exclusive report Deadlinethe actress will voice Queen Amaya, who, along with her husband, the Magnificent King (Chris Pine), rules the village of Rosas. The feature film will be in American theaters from November 22 (barring last-minute delays caused by the SAG-AFTRA strike, which has already significantly changed The Walt Disney Company’s price list), and in Italian cinemas from November 22. 21 December.

Wish: Angelica Cabral will become Queen Amaya.

Angelica Cabral so she joins a cast that currently consists of an Oscar winner. Ariana DeBosefrom Chris Pine and from Alan Tudyk – also recently appeared in live action Peter Pan and Wendy. The actress is known to the general public from the third season of the ABC series. BigSky – available in Italy on Disney+ – and for the animated series Canceled. However, it is currently unclear how significant Cabral’s role will be to the plot, as Wish follows the epic adventure of Aisha, a determined and optimistic young woman living in Roses, also known as the Kingdom of Desires. In this magical land, any wish can come true thanks to intervention Magnificent King. However, Asha soon realizes that her community is threatened by a great darkness, and so in a moment of despair, she turns to the sky to gain the strength needed to confront it. So he comes to his aid Stara small sphere of cosmic energy ready to assist Aisha in her mission to save the kingdom of Rosas.

This feature film, produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney Animation Studios, will reveal birth of the Star of WishesTo which many animated classics have turned to for help, comfort, or inspiration over the decades. Wish directed Chris Buck (Tarzan, Frozen Ice Kingdom, Frozen 2: The Secret of Arendelle) AND Faun Virasanthornand the script is edited Jennifer Lee – already co-director of two departments Frozen and current creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios – and Allison Moore. Julia Michaels AND Benjamin Rice – both nominated for multiple Grammy Awards – instead composed the project’s original songs and edits the soundtrack Dave Metzger. Wishin full Disney tradition, is actually configured as musical, in which songs play a fundamental role in the plot. So all that remains is to wait further updateswaiting to see if the release date will actually be met.

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