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Post: Tale e Quale Show, Maria Teresa Ruta in the cast: “I’m afraid Loretta Goggi and Carlo Conti took me because…”


Maria Teresa Ruta is ready to debut in the new edition of Tale e Quale Show.

The wait is almost over! Friday 22 September 2023 in prime time on Canale 5. new edition will start Such and such a showpopular Talent show Rai 1, organized by Carlo Conti. Ten participants will speak to juryWhat will happen composers Cristiano Malgioglio, Loretta Goggi and Giorgio Panariello.

Confession of Maria Teresa Ruta

Such and such a show he’s going back broadcast on Rai 1. Ten I competitors in the race (Pamela Prati, Jasmine Rotolo, Cristina Scuccia, Maria Teresa Ruta, Ilaria Mongiovi, Ginevra Lamborghini, Lorenzo Licitra, Scialpi, Gaudiano, Alex Belli) who, in an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, told how they managed to convince Carlo Conti to take them into the cast of the new release.

Straight from Home Big Brother VIP we will find Ginevra Lamborghini, Alex Belli, Joe Skillo, dancer Pamela Prati and journalist Maria Teresa Ruta. The latter reported:

Conti took me because I tired him. I auditioned for 11 years and in 3 years I sent him dozens of unworkable imitations. I sing terrible and can’t imitate. I trust the coaches. I’m afraid of Goggi: she is a super expert, and it will be difficult to convince her of my efforts.

Pamela Pratiinstead he stated:

I believe that Carlo Conti chose me because of my stubbornness and my creative background. There is not a single character that I am afraid to imitate because I love all artists. I can already imagine Malgioglio and his sharp and subtle irony. I hope I’m not an easy target.

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