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Post: John Waters: Hollywood honors the Pope of Trash with a Walk of Fame star and exhibition


Director John Waters, one of indie cinema’s most original and transgressive voices, has received acclaim from Hollywood over the course of his career. And it is right.

For those who have always loved his transgressive and elegant figure and his trashy, “disgusting” cinema, but are full of heart and love for old Hollywood, the attention that his chosen city is paying to John Waters, the so-called Daddy of trash (definition created for him by the writer William Burroughs). On September 18, the director and writer (and sometimes actor) received his award. star on the Walk of Fameaccompanied by friends and “accomplices” Mink stole, Greg Norman AND Ricky Lakein a festive live ceremony and Academy Film Museum opened an exhibition of objects, costumes and documents from his films, apparently entitled “John Waters: Daddy of Trash”. Icing on the cake, correspondent for a prestigious publication The keeper The Briton flew to Los Angeles to dedicate a large article to him. He, with his usual grace and irony, enjoyed every moment. This may seem like a strange short circuit between the director who proclaimed “Hollywood to death” and the film’s city of illusions, but John Waters he grew up on the movies of the golden years of Tinseltown, the movies of the great musicals, The Wizard of Ozrivalry between Bette Davis AND Joan Crawford (we remember him from the series Feud dedicated to them) and of which he is a passionate connoisseur, and these days Hollywood reciprocates all the love he has always professed for it, although in his own way he often makes fun of it.

John Waters and Hollywood Tribute: Walk of Fame Star and Exhibition

After his first extremely transgressive films, starting with World of garbage 1969, this mission statement, to his work with Divinemythical Multiple maniacs, Pink flamingos (yes, the one where Divine eats dog poop) Women’s problem AND Polyester (movie in Odorama), advertising Hairspray – great lubricant, Crybaby with a young man Johnny Depp AND Lady Killer With Kathleen Turner, Waters played in a continuum of low/high, ragged/glamorous, cinematic, and feminine. Extremely elegant, openly gay, this sophisticated man, capable of wallowing in the dark, has always charmed not only his fans, but also those who were supposed to keep him away. However, Hollywood has figured it out and is celebrating it today. John Waters he is 77 years old, and three years ago he was the protagonist of an intimate meeting with the public (these were the early days of the pandemic) at the Rome Film Festival, demonstrating all his wit and friendliness. His star is on Walk of Famenumber 2763, finds him in good company, as it is located next to the cowboys Gene Autry and a great writer Ray Bradbury.

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Waters says of himself today: “I’m so respectable it makes me sick.” He hasn’t made a film in 15 years, but on the other hand, he’s written several successful books. Speaking to the Guardian about the exhibition, he said: “Yes, it’s crazy. But fantastic madness. Being here at the Academy reminds me of the beginning of my career, when the only place I showed my films was where he asked. the same irony, the same surprise for people.” Moreover, the director of the Academy Museum is from Baltimore and, like the curators of the exhibition, has always loved the films of John Waters. In the exhibition’s catalog, which includes more than 400 objects and unpublished videos documenting the whimsical journey of a director (who actually showed his extreme films in churches because they were cheaper to rent) so fond of people on the margins, Titled “Mythtis,” Waters wrote: “Here I. In the same building as Shirley Temple’s educational studio. Blasphemy? Miracle? I hope it’s both.” The exhibition – here you can find photos and access methods: is open from September 17 to October 28. If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, we recommend visiting it, even if you don’t know the main character: you’ll probably be surprised.

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