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Post: Il Collegio 8, Stefano De Martino is ready for a new adventure: “This is what flatters me and gives me pleasure”


Stefano De Martino will be the narrator of the eighth edition of Il Collegio, which will be broadcast from September 24 on Rai 2.

Stefano De Martinogave an interview TV smiles and songsspoke about a new and upcoming adventure as the narrator of the eighth issue Collegedocumentary Paradise 2 which will return to air starting from Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Stefano De Martino talks about the new edition of Il Collegio: he will be the narrator

Six episodes in which we return to tell the stories of 23 (more or less) willing students.

“This is what flatters me and gives me pleasure. Recognizing someone by their voice means that everything is working in some way and that you have become part of people’s daily lives. You used to be a school kid, now you’re trying to be the best parent you can be. it will be a cross-cutting story. Sometimes I comment as if I’m talking to my son, sometimes as if I’m seeing myself again. I’ll be a little bit of a father, a little bit of a big brother.”

In the moment first edition of Il Collegio, De Martino he was only 12 years old:

“And I actually really like the setting and all the chronological references to the music of that time, which dates back to my youth. In Italy there was Lunapop, Elisa won Sanremo with “Luce”, abroad there were boy bands like Backstreet. Guys, the Spice Girls were all the rage in the Anglo-Saxon scene. I listened to a lot of Italian pop music, even if it was Eminem’s American hip-hop in those years, and my school friends and I were very fascinated by a certain sound. like the children are now out of the trap”

Stephen He then talked about some of the presentations from new students ready for adventure:

“Some have made me laugh a lot, but the great thing about this program is that there is a clear identification. You see certain relationships and it’s like meeting some of your classmates again or remembering being a student. They reminded me of the idleness of adolescence. and at the same time the desire to do, this is a special period of life in which character is formed. I was a bit of a nerd and a bit of a street urchin. I see myself in all of them. I always had a lot of fun at school. I loved being with friends, sharing the day with them.”

“As a student, I was top of my class in elementary school, tenth in middle school and last in high school. For the first five years at school I was at the top of my class, then I developed new hobbies, especially dancing, a push to overcome my shyness, and I became more undisciplined. The second stormy school season has begun.”

The former dancer then spoke about his favorite subjects and the help from his parents “who were hounding him” to finish school.

In my fourth year of high school, due to the number of days I was away (I was doing a little work and dedicating myself to dancing), my parents were told that I was at risk of failure. I withdrew to avoid failure, and the following year I took the private exam directly, peppering what little I knew with big Powerpoint essays and background music. I got a “political 60”. When 60 was the minimum, not the maximum!”

I’m talking about my first year at school. Friendsthe presenter stated:

“Life with other students was a bit like my ‘college’: a good college and a pleasant experience. They were all things that we liked and were glad to feed on: it was pleasant and instructive to share hopes and passions. ,good food for the soul.The greatest teaching was to take responsibility.You learn to do a task, you have to complete it, you are dedicated and you get the satisfaction of having done something and learned something.We had a great time feeling guilty when we didn’t go to school and didn’t do homework, now it’s all lost.”

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