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Post: Hitman Richard Linklater reveals his favorite Glen Powell costume


In The Hitman, Glen Powell changes several characters throughout the film, and director Richard Linklater revealed which one he likes best.

WITH Hitman, Richard Linklater and its lead actor and co-writer, Glen Powell (Top Gun 2) have created a brilliant crime comedy that cleverly blends different genres and offers audiences some of the best costumes ever. Powell ever worn. Interviewed Collider, Licklater he told me which one he liked best.

Hitman Richard Linklater Reveals His Favorite Outfit Glen Powell Wears

To the cinema Powell plays Gary Johnson, an anonymous professor of philosophy and ethics who secretly collaborates with the police. killeror a high-ranking hitman to find potential clients who are going to hire him. To encourage them to contact him, Gary carefully studies their lives and psychological profiles each time in order to create an individual killer for each of his possible clients. Once he gets a clear confession from them, Gary orders the police to arrest them, thus preventing future murders. However, when he meets the beautiful and sad Madison (Adria Arijona), married to an abusive husband, Gary (and his alter ego, hitman Ron) breaks protocol, which ultimately sets off a hilarious chain of events with unexpected consequences.

The director said in an interview that the outfits worn Powell they were much more than simple clothes, but required careful construction of the character that Powell/Gary would play: so from time to time they were added tattoos, prosthetics and makeup to make Gary the new hitman, able to appease future clients who, yes, he was the man they were looking for so as not to get their hands dirty with the long-desired murder. Linklater I found that every time Powell he put on a new suit and left everyone speechless:

“Doing this movie was so much fun because we got to work on these costumes. I saw the tests, we had all the photos, and Glen really got into these different characters. We talked about each of them in detail. […] When Glen came out of the cosmetics department a different person, everyone turned around and gasped.”

Among the director’s favorite outfits is one of the last, which Powell wears the image of a fake killer and was so unusual that it made people think about Linklater and the crew that the actor was kidnapped from the set and replaced with an alien:

“The best of them all is this guy with orange hair and freckles. It’s the last one, we decided to save the best one for last because it’s really weird. When he came in – and it was the last day of shooting – when Glen came in. When I walked out of the makeup department, I’ll never forget the reaction of the whole crew. We all thought, “What the hell happened? Who is this creature from another planet? It was all too funny.”

presented out of competition at the 80th Venice Film Festival, Hit Man will be distributed by Netflix. which bought the rights for $20 million during the Toronto International Film Festival. In the film’s cast, as well as Powell AND Adria Arjonaas well as Retta, Austin Amelio, Molly Bernard, Richie Montgomery, Gralen Bryant Banks, Mike Markoff, Kate Adair, Jordan Sallum and Richard Robichaud.

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