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Post: “Back to the Future” – Robert Zemeckis’ cult film returns to theaters in 4K


In honor of Back to the Future Day on October 21, Zemeckis’ iconic film returns to theaters in 4K, accompanied by special initiatives and some surprises. So, the details of the event.

Fans Back to the Future they know it very well that October 21 this is an important date for the saga. And it was on that very day – renamed Back to a future day – WhatThe feature film will return to cinemas throughout Italy., for the first time in 4K. That’s why you can’t miss the event, which allows you to relive the adventures of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lylaud.

Back to the Future: details of the event that will return the cult film of Robert Zemeckis to cinemas

Celebrated for the first time in 2015 – the year in which Marty McFly and Doc Brown meet again while traveling to the future in the second chapter of the saga – Back to a future day Robert Zemeckis’ timeless cult film has returned to theaters several times, this time ready for its first showing in restored 4K. Since 1985, the year of theatrical release, Back to the Future In fact, it grossed nearly $400 million, becoming a benchmark for many generations. The event is organized Nexo Digitalon whose official website – – ​​a list of theaters participating in the initiative will soon be available, in collaboration withRETURN TO THE FUTURE ITALY Association APS and media partners Radio Deejay and A message was published on this occasion new trailerfeaturing some of the most iconic scenes Back to the Future.

There is only one invitation to fans, a very simple one: to repeat the extraordinary success that each time accompanies the film’s return to the big screen. We invite all fans of the trilogy gather in front of Italian cinemas, put on the costumes, clothes, accessories and decals of the main characters and post the frame with the hashtag on social networks #RitornoAlFuturoDay2023. The collection will be replicated in cinemas, where audiences will be able to enjoy the film while wearing their best outfits from the famous trilogy and challenging each other with jokes that have entered the collective imagination. Surprises are also in store for fans. In fact, most participating theaters will be giving them away. special holiday golden tickets Back to the Future Day: Limited edition collectible item created specifically for the release of the film. They will also be shown in cinemas new posters And new posters from the movie, the perfect backdrop for a selfie with Marty. In anticipation of the event, the film will be celebrated with special meet-and-greets and events, as well as a special countdown during which Nexo Digital’s social pages will be filled with posts containing famous scenes or iconic lines, as well as a gallery consisting of photos of audience members in their more original and neat outfits . So meet me at October 21.

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