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Post: The Flash: why Tim Burton didn’t appreciate Nicolas Cage’s cameo


Nicolas Cage appeared as Superman in The Flash, a cameo that Tim Burton didn’t particularly appreciate.

Tim Burton not happy Superman From Nicolas Cage V Flash. Director’s film Andy Muschietti and starring Erza Miller towards the end I inserted several episodes showing the collapse of the Multiverse under the amazed eyes Barry Allen. And among the various superheroes that have appeared is the never-fulfilled Nicolas Cage, who was supposed to play Superman in Tim Burton’s production in the 90s. The project was then scrapped, but Cage partially redeemed himself in The Flash. However, his cameo Burton didn’t particularly like it due to the use of artificial intelligence.

Tim Burton didn’t like Nicolas Cage’s cameo in The Flash

Some time ago, Tim Burton wanted to bring Nicolas Cage’s Superman to the big screen as the film’s protagonist. Superman is alive, a project from the late 90s that never became popular. Shelved after a long pre-production period, it was painful for Tim Burton to abandon the project, but he has no regrets. During an interview with British Film Institute, director said:

No, I don’t regret it. I will say this: when you work on a project for so long and it doesn’t come to fruition, it affects you for the rest of your life. Because you are passionate and this whole unknown journey that suddenly ends. But it’s one of those experiences that never leaves you, even for a while.

Tim Burton didn’t like Nicolas Cage’s cameo using artificial intelligence, nor did he use Batman From Michael Keatonwhich he defined as a kind of “cultural appropriation”.

Studios can take something you’ve done in the past, whether it’s Batman or whatever, and culturally appropriate it, let’s say inappropriately, or whatever you want to call it. Even if you are a slave to Disney or Warner Bros., they can still do whatever they want. So, in the last years of my life, I decided to start a kind of silent rebellion against all this.

Tim Burton didn’t actually mention Andy Muschietti’s film. However, it is clear that Nicolas Cage’s Superman, who appeared in The Flash, is an almost entirely digital work created with the help of artificial intelligence, as the publication clarifies. Collider. Not by chance, actors are on strike Hollywood is fighting to stop AI from taking over the entertainment world and infringing on their rights.

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