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Post: Men and women, Karina Casella talks about tronists and couples born on the dating show


Former commentator on the program “Men and Women”: “It’s difficult for couples today, everyone is too focused on themselves.”

Karina Casella she returned to talking about Man and woman. Interviewed by Libero Cotidiano,former commentatorwho retired from the entertainment world to devote herself to her family and restaurant, said that she would like to return to Maria De Filippi’s dating show.

Karina Casella remembers “Men and Women”

Karina Casella gave a long interview to Libero Quotidiano, in which she talked about the latest releases Man and woman commenting on the ways of tronism and couples born on the popular dating show:

Television has always been a game for me, I never thought I could find work in it; so if I ever get an offer, I’ll certainly consider it! But always in combination with my work and my restaurant. […] It’s difficult for couples today, but not because they find and choose each other on TV, it’s difficult because the world has changed, times have changed. Relationships today require sacrifices, and not everyone is ready to make them. We live in a time when everyone, unfortunately, is too focused on themselves… So for me it does not depend on television.

And on the opportunity to one day return to men and women, Casella He admitted:

Even today, years later, one of my closest friends, the person I love very much, is Gianni. I also sometimes hear from Tina that we had some wonderful years together, I have a lot of respect for both of them and myself, Men and Women which I still watch if I’m at home, it remains my favorite place to go back and Tomorrow.

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