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Post: Netflix Original: ‘Baby Train’ and ‘The Tear Maker’ Among Next Season’s Films


Two films announced today in Watch Originals, news and three confirmed Netflix Originals for next season. Erin Doom and Viola Ardone are among the main characters in the film adaptations of their novels. All news.

No cuts, but a restart for Netflix Italywhich he presented today the future of its products at the usual annual meeting with See what’s next. Lots of confirmations, headlines already announced, a few images as well as expected news. We’ll talk about the series elsewhere, here we’ll talk about the films Netflix original.

Like in a movie Children’s train Cristina Comencini, film adaptation of the novel Viola Ardone which seduced thousands of readers and critics. “An epic and poignant film. A journey through the suffering and generosity of post-war Italy, seen through the eyes of a child divided between two mothers.” Another new thing – Maker of Tearsinspired by the bestselling book of the same name Erin Doom, the Italian pseudonym that has sold millions of copies for many years, has now been revealed and is ready to closely follow its story in the screen version. It is the best-selling book in Italy in 2022.


  • Release date: Coming soon

  • Producer: Palomar

  • Based on the novel of the same name by Viola Ardone. Written Furio Andreotti, Giulia Calenda, Cristina Comencini, Camille Duguay

  • Directed by Cristina Comencini

  • Starring: Barbara Ronchi, Serena Rossi, Cristian Cervone, Francesco Di Leva, Antonia Truppo, Monica Nappo, Nunzia Schiano and with the participation of Stefano Accorsi.

Short description:

1946. Amerigo is seven years old and has never left Naples or his mother Antonietta. However, his world of streets and poverty is about to change. On board one of the “trains of happiness” he will spend the winter in the north, where he will be met and cared for by a young woman, Derna. With her at her side, Amerigo has a realization that leads him to a painful choice that will change his life forever. It will take him many years to learn the truth: those who love you do not hold you back, but let you go.

From Viola Ardone’s bestselling novel, an epic and heartbreaking film. A journey through the poverty and generosity of post-war Italy, seen through the eyes of a child divided between two mothers.


  • Release date: Coming soon

  • Produced in Colorado, produced by Alessandro Usai and Iginio Straffi.

  • Written Eleonora Fiorini and Alessandro Genovesi

  • Based on the book The Tears Maker by Erin Doom, published by Magazzini Salani.

  • Directed by Alessandro Genovesi

  • Throw: Caterina Ferioli, Simone Baldasseroni (Blonde)

Short description:

Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nika grew up, a legend was always told: about the creator of tears, a mysterious master responsible for forging all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of people. But at seventeen years old, it was time for Nika to leave the fairy tales behind. His biggest dream is about to come true. The Milligans have begun the adoption process and are ready to give her the family she has always dreamed of. However, Nika is not alone in the new house. Together with her, the Grave takes Rigel, a restless and mysterious orphan, the last person in the world whom Nika would like to see as an adoptive brother.

Rigel is smart, insightful, plays the piano like a demon sorcerer, and is endowed with a beauty that can enchant, but behind his angelic appearance hides a dark nature. Even if Nika and Rigel share a common past full of pain and hardship, coexistence between them seems impossible, but kindness and anger are two different ways of dealing with pain in order to stay alive and hide the emotions that devastate their hearts, becoming one for everyone . the other is exactly the tear-jerking one of the legends. The producer cannot lie: and they will have to find the courage to accept that desperate force that attracts them to each other, which is called love.

Other new Netflix Original films

Animated film, Leo The release is scheduled for November 21, 2023, and in the Italian version the main character will be voiced by Edoardo Leo. This is the story aboutexhausted seventy-four-year-old lizard Leo, locked in the same Florida school classroom with a turtle. When he discovers he has only a year to live, Leo plans to escape to experience the thrill of life on the outside, but finds himself embroiled in problems plaguing the students, including an incredibly evil substitute teacher. Her bucket list will get a little weird, but completing it will be a surprisingly rewarding task.

Announced a few hours ago at the Rome Film Festival, it will appear on the platform on November 1, 2023. New Olympus, perhaps the most personal film in Ferzan Ozpetek’s career, set over many years, starting with the many-regretted 70s, when the author came to Rome from his Istanbul. Co-written with Gianni Romoli, who produces and stars Tilda Corsi Damiano Gavino, Andrea Di Luigi, Luisa Ranieri, Greta Scarano, Aurora Giovinazzo, Alvise Rigo, Giancarlo Commare and Jasmine Trinca. The story goes like this:”Late 70s. They are young, beautiful, only 25 years old. They meet by chance and fall madly in love. However, an unexpected event separates them. Thirty years later they are still chasing the hope of finding each other again because they still love each other.”

Then there’s a lot of waiting Vasco Rossi Survivora five-part documentary series that the singer himself defined in the video as a five-hour selfie, which will also be accompanied by the unreleased song The error you make.​Produced by Solaris Media Guglielmo Arie and Azzurra Arie in collaboration with the production company Besides Maurizio Vassallo and Pepsi Romanoff. Written by Igor Artibani and Guglielmo Arie with Pepsi Romanoff, with rEgypt Pepsi Romanoff. Youa unique opportunity to take the time to look back and retrace the most important moments of your career and life. The series follows Vasco in the places that matter most to him, from Zocchi, his hometown, to Los Angeles, and through interviews, archival footage and testimonies from those who accompanied him in recent years, traces his story and the many stories behind his unforgettable songs. Vasco wrote an unreleased song specifically for the series, called “Gli Sbagli Che Fai”, which will serve as the theme song and will be released as a single on digital platforms through Virgin Records/Universal Music Italia at the same time as the album’s release. series on Wednesday, September 27.

Finally unscripted in eight episodes, Rhythm + Flow Italycoming out soon. Produced by Fremantle, script Dino Clemente, Matteo Lenardon, Paola Papa, Antonio Vicaretti and Chiara Guerra, Vincenzo Maiorana, Marina Pagliari. This is the first Italian adaptation of a Netflix original format (after success in the US and France, directed by Alessio Musi, starring Fabri Fibre, Jollier and Rose Villain).

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