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Post: Dream scenario: here’s the trailer for the new crazy comedy with Nicolas Cage!


The comedy by Norwegian Kristoffer Borgli, author of the book “Hurt Yourself,” starring Nicolas Cage, “Dream Script,” is released in American theaters and received recognition at the Toronto Film Festival. Here’s the trailer.

Nicolas Cage, when it comes to comedies, it’s always a guarantee that the crazier it is, the more his talent shines through. Actor – main character Dream scenarioa film by the now famous A24 TV channel, shot by a Norwegian Kristoffer BorgliDirector Sick of myself, who made his debut in English-language cinema. Presented at the Toronto Film Festival, the film was very popular and created a sensation. After all, how can anyone not like a story about a bumbling nobody who suddenly appears in everyone’s dreams? So here it is Dream Scenario official trailerwhich we will talk more about below.

Dream script, cast and plot

Among the manufacturers Dream scenario There are also Ari Aster and the film will be released in US theaters on November 10th. Nicolas Cage Paul Matthews is a down-on-his-luck professor and family man whose life changes dramatically when he begins appearing in the dreams of millions of strangers. But when his nightly appearances turn into nightmares, Paul must unravel the mystery of his unwitting popularity. There are many famous faces in the cast: Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Tim Meadows, Dylan Gelula, Dylan Baker AND Kate Berlant.

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