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Post: Belve Previews, Arisa tells her story: the story of Roman Pride and the quarrel with Paola Iezzi


In this evening’s episode of Belve on Rai2, Arisa will tell her story to Francesca Fagnani. Let’s see together what the previews reveal to us.

Guest this evening, come on Paradise2To Animalsstarting from the new season, Arisa she told herself to the presenter Francesca Fagnanirevealing what he thinks about the problem Pride and to a quarrel with Paola Iezzi.

Preview of the animals, Arisa blurts out in the program: “I don’t care!”

Francesca Fagnani decided to accept Arisain the first episode of his talk show, released tonight, September 26, on the channel Paradise2after the uproar caused by his remarks against the gay community, on the occasion Pride From Rome. In a previous interview, the singer praised Giorgia Meloni and her politics, which sparked criticism from the LGBTQI+ community and she was dropped as Pride godmother after several issues. Also Vladimir Luxuria he advised her to retract some of her statements because a community ally could not support certain policies.

TO Francesca Fagnani, Arisa she described what it was like to feel attacked by members of the queer community:

“I felt misunderstood, attacked, like a person who was fighting for a group of ungrateful people. But these are the people at the top… I can’t name names. But the people on the street, those who know me, don’t…”

When the presenter tried to sum up the story by stating, “She was fired, so she’s no longer a gay icon.”, Arisa he blurted out sharply:

“I don’t care, I don’t care! Because each of us here, in our hearts, has a small door where our intentions are. My only regret is that I didn’t fully understand myself. “I didn’t know how to properly express what I was feeling.”

Fagnani also touched on the topic of social controversy with Paola Iezzi, from the duo Paola and Chiara, intended to replace Arisa during Pride:

“I showed her the middle finger, without a manicure. This is serious. No, we haven’t made peace, but I don’t care, I’m calm.”

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