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Post: Big Brother Episode 6 previews tonight on Channel 5.


The sixth Big Brother encounter will be broadcast today, September 28, 2023.

Today, Monday, 28th September 2023in prime time on Channel 5, sixth episode of the series Big Brotherheld Alfonso Signorini with support as a commentator Cesara Buonamichi AND Rebecca Staffelli which will collect comments from viewers.

Big Brother episode 6 preview

In a new assignment with Big Brotherthey will face the problem again Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi Bachi. “I’m starting to have serious problems. I’m starting to accept my limits. I have to admit, I’m having serious difficulties. Serious problems in a good way, yes… I look so beautiful and cool, but I have serious problems with this, even I have insecurities… I feel the same as when I was 15.” admitted the Roman actor who admitted he can’t quite tear himself away from the model, who instead appears to have now fallen in love with him Vittorio Menozzi. The last one, in the shack, this angered other tenants, particularly Anita Olivieri. which he had a hard time facing.

During our new encounter with the reality show, we will also find out the outcome of the events. televoting Between Greece Colmenares, Beatrice Luzzi, Vittorio Menozzi, Giselda Torresan and Arnold Cardaropoli.. The studio will host the first published edition.Claudio Rome.

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Sixth date with new edition Big Brother, awaits us this evening, starting from 21.20 on Channel 5.

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