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Post: De Niro furious over censorship of his anti-Trump speech at Gotham Awards: video


Honored at the Gotham Awards for Killers of the Flower Moon, Robert De Niro lost his temper when he realized that accusations against Donald Trump had disappeared from his speech. Video.

It’s no secret that Robert DeNiro both the sworn enemy of Donald Trump and, possibly, the organizers of the Gotham Awards, which honored him for his role in Killers of the Flower Moon, they should have thought twice before cutting up the actor’s speech. After talking about the film, his collaboration with Martin Scorsese and Osage, De Niro he stopped, realizing that part of his speech had disappeared from the teleprompter, namely the part that concerned Donald Trump. Consequences? You can see it in the video below, released on X.


Robert De Niro’s anger and his “thank you”

After the first break Robert DeNiro he spoke again and a tribute video featuring Scorsese was shown, but immediately afterwards the actor insisted on reading the rest of his prepared speech. And this is what he said:

(Donald Trump) attacks the weak, destroys nature’s gifts and is disrespectful by using the word “Pocahontas” as an insult. The directors describe… oh, I just realized that they cut out this whole part. I’ll have to thank Apple, Gotham, Apple, blah blah blah. But I don’t feel like thanking them for anything after what they did. How dare they, right?

On stage, he then continued: “They cut out the beginning of my speech, and I want to read it. History is no longer history. Truth is not truth. Lies have become another tool in the charlatan’s arsenal.” translator Killers of the Flower Moonwhose trailer we suggest again below, Lily Gladstonewon two Gotham Awards as a leading character Unknown country and a supporting role in a Scorsese film.


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