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Post: Inside Out 2 Director Reveals Sequel Plot Idea


When Inside Out hits theaters with Disney Pixar’s sequel, it will bring a lot of new emotions, and director Kelsey Mann has expressed the idea of ​​the film’s plot in detail.

When Inside out will return to cinema and open a new delicate stage in life Riley, the young protagonist who must face adolescence and all the emotions that entails. At headquarters, in fact, you will have to manage your basic emotions unwanted intrusion. Joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear they will also make room for other emotions present in every teenager’s life, such as Anxiety, already featured in Disney Pixar’s first trailer. To combat the wait, director Kelsey Mann revealed more details about the plot Inside Out 2.

Inside Out 2 director reveals new details about the sequel’s plot

Following the success of the first chapter, which was worthy of an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Inside Out has taken the time to confirm the creation of a sequel, which will hit theaters in 2024 and bring with it dozens of new emotions this will accompany Riley’s new life. Ready to take the next step forward, Riley will step away from her childhood to get on the path puberty and this will lead to several shocks even in the headquarters of his basic emotions, stimulating a complex coexistence with other emotions. Kelsey Mann in an interview Empire Magazine Street TheDirecthas revealed additional plot details for Inside Out 2, saying the film will pick up where it left off in 2015.

At the end of the first movie, you saw all these beautiful swirls of memories, where in one memory you find joy and sadness, or anger and disgust. I wanted to start this movie with them all getting along and feeling like a great team. Until puberty hits. Initially, I had three ideas in my head. I wanted to see this thing [il pulsante della Pubertà] activate. I explored other ideas but kept coming back to them. I ended up just suggesting it to Pete. It’s a goldmine for everything we love about Pixar because it has heart. There are emotions. There is humor. Puberty is fun, but it is also a difficult time in our lives. I want to say something meaningful about us as people, but told figuratively.

In the first trailer released by Disney Pixar, a new emote takes over and will likely have a lot of action behind it, being the very first one to take over the headquarters. It looks like Riley will have to learn to deal with her anxiety first and foremost in this new phase of her life.

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