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Post: Men and women, spotted: Matteo Ranieri in the company of the famous lady Auvers!


Is there a connection between Matteo Ranieri and the lady from the throne stalls? Here’s some gossip about the former tronist Men and Women.

Matteo Ranieri didn’t find love in studying Man and womanbut he undoubtedly remained in the hearts of the public Dating show Canale 5 for his kindness and kindness. It seems that lately Matteo has started meeting a famous lady of the Supreme Thronehere’s the scoop.

Men and women, Matteo Ranieri has a new passion

Being elected by the then tronist Man and woman Sophie Codegoni and was dumped within weeks of leaving the program. Matteo Ranieri he returned as tronista at the behest of Maria De Filippi. The Ligurian decided to leave Dating show Canale 5 with Valeria Cardone, but the love story did not develop. Despite everything, Ranieri does not regret taking part in the program, and today he is one of the main characters, most beloved by the public for his kindness and education.

To men and women, Matteo became friends with Luca Salatino and despite the ups and downs, including the chef’s entry into GF Vip, the brotherly relationship is developing smoothly. Ranieri made no secret of the fact that he experienced a dark moment a few months ago, but now he seems to have regained his calm thanks to the commitment he put into furnishing and decorating his very first home. In the last few hours, the former tronist has returned to the center of rumors after one scoop launched by Deianira Marzano on Instagram, who reported the fan’s post.

Two days ago I was walking, and Matteo Ranieri walked past me with some lady, do you know who? The older one, they hugged and even kissed each other lightly, he was on her neck while she was walking, but they were still cute.”. This is gossip that concerns Ranieri. But who would be there famous lady of the throne? Now all the most famous people are sitting in the women’s stalls, while Ida Platano, who caught Hermes, he’s even tronista. All that remains is to wait and give the couple time to come out.

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