Post: “Jaga-jaga” and the classics: they sing along and applaud Russians in Europe

MOSCOW, November 30 – RIA Novosti, Yulia Zachetova. Attempts by unfriendly countries to eliminate Russian culture have failed, and there is plenty of evidence of this. Sometimes unexpected: Strangers accompany the hit of pop singer Katya Lel from 20 years ago. Which of the Russian artists in the RIA Novosti material pleases viewers and listeners abroad, despite the bans.

A frame from the video of Katya Lel’s song “My Marmalade”

Repeat after Katya Lel

In mid-November, the singer’s hit song “My Marmalade” unexpectedly went viral on foreign TikTok. Thousands of people wore fur coats and hats with earflaps and started dancing to “jaga-jaga”.

The composition later became one of the most viral tracks on Spotify, surpassing Taylor Swift and other industry giants.

Screenshot published by Katya Lel on her Telegram channel

The track was released in 2004 and immediately became a hit in Russia. Its creator, Maxim Fadeev, explains the second wave of popularity by saying that the world loves Russian culture and does not want it to be eliminated.

“I have always said that one day many people who are confused by our culture will turn to Russia. People do not want the elimination of Russian culture, they love it,” the producer said on the Telegram channel 20 days after the release of Marmalade, as evidenced by the success of the song “My” wrote a year later.

Director Maxim Fadeev - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.11.2023
Produced by Maksim Fadeev

Katya Lel said that representatives of world famous brands called her and offered mutually beneficial cooperation, and the artist was very pleased with this.

Russia’s best voices are on stage in Monaco

On November 22, the Monte Carlo Opera hosted the premiere of Verdi’s Don Carlos with great success. The audience was delighted not only with the combination of historical costumes of the 16th century, Goya’s paintings and digital technologies, but also with the talent of three Russian stars – Ildar Abdrazakov (Philip II), Sergei Skorokhodov (Don Carlos) and Alexei Tikhomirov. Inquisitor).

Ildar Abdrazakov in the production of “Don Carlos” on the stage of the Monte Carlo Opera

“We were greeted very warmly and with deafening applause at the Monte Carlo Opera,” Abdrazakov told RIA Novosti. “I am also particularly pleased that my stage partners are my valued colleagues from the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters. We have already sung together in many concerts. As part of the festival I organize every year “I performed abroad and in Russian regions in Russia. These are high-level artists and of course we were destined for success. Joke! But in every joke…”

Japanese applauded Russian ballet

Recently, Russian artists made a big impact in Tokyo.

Philip Stepin from the Mariinsky Theatre, Angelina Vorontsova and Ernest Latypov from the Mikhailovsky Theatre, Alena Kovaleva from the Bolshoi Theater and Vadim Muntagirov representing the Royal Ballet of Great Britain took part in the production of The Muses of Ballet. They performed pieces from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, and masterpieces of Western composers.

Russian ballet dancers in Tokyo applauded

The audience applauded repeatedly and shouted “Bravo!” yell. Even before the end of the performance: the final applause began in the middle of the last number of the program – the pas de deux of Kitri and Basil from Minkus’ ballet Don Quixote performed by Vorontsova and Latypov.

Anna Asti surprised Koreans

In the spring, the singer held a big concert in Seoul. His show “Phoenix” was watched by several thousand South Koreans, many of whom even knew the lyrics to the songs.

Singer Anna Asti, who was awarded the “Artist of the Year” award after the 6th Zhara Music Awards ceremony held at Crocus City Hall

“It was magical! The ending was a bit shocking,” Anna wrote on the social network.

Instawoman made me search “I’m turning off my phone”

This summer, Instasamka’s song “Hanging Up the Phone” also became popular on TikTok among foreign listeners.


Western users learned the lyrics of the song and created memes for it, depicting events in their lives.

There were so many people who wanted to make bold videos for Instasamka that, for example, the song made it into the top 15 tracks of the music recognition app Shazam in the US.

Alexander Petrov in Roman Polanski’s movie

Russian dramatic artists continue to act in projects of Western directors. Thus, Roman Polanski’s satirical comedy “Palace” with the participation of Alexander Petrov was released. He played a Russian guest from the criminal world.

A frame from the movie “Palace”

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and starred Mickey Rourke, Fanny Ardant and Oliver Masucci.

Actor Alexander Petrov at the closing ceremony of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival at the Musical Theater

Petrov noted in one of his interviews that it was exciting to work with masters of this level, but he still managed to find a common language with the director. According to the actor, it’s all about the school of Russian theater, which greatly influenced the views and approaches to the work of many artists, including Polanski.

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