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Post: Big Brother, Perla in tears after Greta’s arrival: “This is the worst thing that could happen to me”


In the 23rd episode of Big Brother, Greta Rossetti became an official participant in the reality show. Perla Vatiero’s reaction after the episode, who let off steam by crying with Letizia.

In the twenty-third issue Big Brother aired last night Tempataion Island’s former seductress and Mirko Brunetti’s (ex?) girlfriend Greta Rossetti, became an official participant in the reality show.

Big Brother, Perla Vatiero is in despair after this episode

PearlAt the time of the announcement, she was in disbelief and subsequently tried to hide her emotions, but after this episode she had a breakdown.

Pearlin the garden she let off steam, crying Joy. The 26-year-old girl from Angri admitted that the situation is truly uncontrollable for her, that her feelings are at stake and this cannot be a game.

“This is the worst thing that could happen to me. I knew this would happen. How can you live in peace? The context is already complex, no matter what. But how to do that? I get spanked like this… It’s not like I dated him for three months, he’s been my boyfriend for years. I can’t stand it, guys. I held out all night, but now I can’t. There was so much tension. I can’t fall. This Game is too cruel. I knew it, I felt it. I have to distance myself from their situation. I’ll take the squad. I can’t do it otherwise, I have to. Okay, it’s a game, let’s play, but it’s really hard. You play with feelings.”

There Vatiero he found consolation in Letitia, but difficulties Pearl seems clear to both his adventure companions and the audience.

“Start again and find the strength you put in at the beginning,” Petris said, trying to support Perla. “Now throw it away, and tomorrow you will start again with your power.” For yourself, go forward and don’t fall. Tomorrow I want you.” at the top, keep your chin high so that the crown falls off your head. You’ve overcome this obstacle once and you can do it again. You have big scars inside and we know it. But know that you will never be alone. If you overcome this nothing will stop you, outside, even if they shoot you, you will continue to walk straight. There will be nothing that can stop you. Outwardly, you are breaking the world. What doesn’t bring you down makes you stronger. Here you are playing with people’s lives.

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