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Post: Big Brother: “I saw Perla Vatiero’s video and cried, it destabilized me,” says Francesca Sorrentino


Francesca Sorrentino comments on the famous love triangle of the new edition of Gf.

Mirko Brunetti, Perla Vatiero and Greta Rossetti I am still at the center of the Big Brother dynamic. To comment on the new product reality show “Love Triangle” he thought about it Francesca Sorrentino which, answering some of the curiosity of his fans, he also clarified his position towards his ex Manuel Maura.

Francesca Sorrentino and words about Perla Vatiero

Pearl Vatiero currently imprisoned in Casa del Big Brother with Mirko Brunetti and Greta Rossetti. Real reunion later Temptation Island What was it Commentary by Francesca Sorrentino. The young woman who decided to intervene on social networks to talk about her rapprochement with Manuel Maura actually took the opportunity to express her opinion about the famous triangle from the Canale 5 reality show:

I haven’t said anything until now because you make mistakes: if you don’t speak, you look jealous, if you speak and express your opinion, it seems like you want to be the main character. Now I will also say my own, everyone says that anyway. I think that’s the downside of reality TV, which is that it gives you a lot, but sometimes it also goes against you. The dynamics can be brutal, and that’s part of the game. The game sometimes becomes painful, and at this moment it is very important to have people nearby…

I watched Perla’s video and cried, I was very sorry that she remained like this. For me, she was my point of reference in Temptation, it was a necessity, and now I hope that people there will support her too. Between the two of them, she was determined and determined, and I was the crybaby. So it was destabilizing for me to see her like this, I can imagine how exhausting it was.

Concerning Greta’s decision to enter the Gf House, Francesca disclosed:

I regret the current situation, this situation will not be easy for anyone. I don’t know if I would have taken Greta’s place or not, because that’s who I am. But in situations you also have to find yourself. But this is always a job opportunity, this also needs to be taken into account.

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