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Post: Big Brother, planes are flying for Mirko and Greta: but fans discover that it’s all piloted!


The first planes also flew to GF for Mirko and Greta, but time aroused suspicion among fans, and this is what they discovered!

In the house Big Brother they were flying aircraft For Mirko Brunetti AND Greta Rossetti, with a sweet message dedicated to them and encouraging fans to let go of their feelings. However, other reality TV fans Channel 5 held Alfonso Signorini they are convinced that there is something underneath them and that, therefore, let it all be under control!

GF, are Mirko and Greta’s planes piloted? Fan discovery!

The sentence that went to heaven for the two participants read: “You don’t command your heart, less pride.” and before this proposal the two Jeffinees embraced, with Greta who commented:

“We reached someone, deep people”

However, a new scandal broke out on social networks: according to a fan of the program Media network who has many followers on TikTok (and whose nickname is fugase185), this will be a maneuver piloted by the authors of the broadcast:

“This plane for Greta and Mirko was clearly sent by the authors or she herself: this all manned. The plane arrives in 7-10 days, I have proof of what I say. Greta joined less than a week ago. How is this possible? You’ve already made them.”

The fan also said that she spoke with the pilots of planes flying over the house. girlfriend and have screenshots of conversations, which, however, will only confirm that the planes were booked in advance, but it’s not like everything is under control. What will the truth be?


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