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Post: Mark Ruffalo on a possible new Hulk movie: ‘I’ve thought about it a lot’


Mark Ruffalo has played the Hulk in many projects on the big and small screen so far, but has never experienced the thrill of a standalone film: how does the actor think this aspect will change in the future?

Until now Mark Ruffalo didn’t have the pleasure of interpreting Hulk in a separate film. Definite, The incredible Hulk sure brought the character of Bruce Banner to the big screen, but at the time he was the one playing him Ed Norton. Today, however, the hot-tempered superhero has the traits of Mark Ruffalo and has made valuable contributions to Marvel Cinematic Universe supporting multiple ensemble films and television series such as She-Hulk: Lawyer. When will the standalone Hulk movie come out? Mark Ruffalo comments on this possibility.

Mark Ruffalo comments on the possibility of a standalone Hulk movie in the future

According to Mark Ruffalo, the only original Avengers actor who hasn’t yet been given a stand-alone project, another Hulk movie can’t be ruled out in the future. However, he has made many appearances in films and television series, albeit as a minor character. Interviewed ComicMark Ruffalo touched upon the delicate issue of rights to the Hulk and, regarding a possible separate project about his superhero, clarified:

Not that I know. I was specifically asked not to comment on this issue. Let’s hope they fix this one day. I think it could be really cool and I’ve thought a lot about what could happen, but I don’t know what will happen.

Marvel movie programming has revalued the cards on the table. Expected to hit theaters only in 2024. Deadpool 3which will finally include character Ryan Reynolds in the MCU, sucks him into the crazy dynamics of the Multiverse. Instead, Disney+ will make room for new TV series such as Agatha: The Darkhold Diariesspin-off WandaVisionAnd Echospin-off Hawkeye. As for the Hulk, his character has been included in many stories and has recently gained traction thanks to the expansion of his family. Thanks to Jennifer Walters, her cousin who became the popular She-Hulk with features Tatiana Maslany. In the final scene of the television series, the Hulk appears with his son Skaar. As for the cinematography, it is also expected in cinemas. Captain America: Brave New World which will be closely tied to the Hulk storyline due to the characters involved, starting with Thunderbolt Ross interpreted Harrison Ford to get to Liv Tyler AND Tim Blake Nelson who will reprise their roles Betty Ross and Samuel Stearns already appeared in The Incredible Hulk.

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