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Post: Is Big Brother Federico Massaro interested in Anita Olivieri? “I would like to get to know you better…” [VIDEO]


At the GF House, Federico Massaro showed a certain interest in Anita Olivieri. That’s what he said!

Arrival from Federico Massaro To Big Brother brought a breath of fresh air and dynamics to the study: not only were there rumors of a possible agreement with model Vittorio Menozzi, but it seems that the newcomer may be interested in another tenant House From Channel 5. We are talking about Anita Olivieri!

Is GF Federico Massaro interested in Anita Olivieri? These are his words!

Bye Anita he expressed his doubts about the chemistry between the two models Fiordaliso and Greta Rossetti (Massaro and Menozzi), new arrival he showed interest in her! In fact, speaking to Vittorio Menozzi, Federico said that he would like to deepen his knowledge with a multi-graduate program conducted by Alfonso Signorini.

During the conversation in the garden, in fact, Federico began a speech about the couple’s relationship and then expressed some curiosity about Anita:

“I want to study here like I know… in the next few days I gradually want to learn how to do it… if I have something I want to do, I want to try to do it. right now I would really like to meet Anita, but I’m shy. But I would like to meet her. Now little by little I want to do all the things that I would like to do, that I feel that I would do, that is, because I don’t do it outside here, but if I learn to do it and stay here and I’m almost forced, then I I know that it helps me in life too […] A little closed or am I wrong? That is, it seems to be open, but then it closes. […] In my opinion, she does not have a completely free heart. So he approaches you but then blocks you. I have this thing… I already know that if I get close to Anita, I’ll be a little upset if something happens.”

Second Victorhowever, the rival would not have progressed very far in studying the model if she had noticed his interest and the same Federico he admitted that at the moment, no matter how much he was drawn to her, he did not know whether he should take the risk:

I feel so good at this point in my life that if I do have to have an affair or something, it should be 100,000 percent worth it. I mean, I should just sit back and figure out if it’s really worth it or not.

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