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Post: Men and women, Luisa Monti admits: “I was so scared, the disease…”


In an interview with the official magazine Men and Women, Luisa Monti revealed important information about her illness.

Former face throne over From Man and woman, Louise Anna Monti– she told the official magazine of the dating show. Channel 5 and updated fans that during his last appearance on the program Maria De Filippidiscovered this after undergoing several checkups due to breast cancer discovered many years ago.

Men and women, Luisa Monti reveals enormous fear after illness: “I was so afraid…”

The fear that this terrible disease might return made the former lady not to trust anything, even to her husband. Salvioso as not to worry. However, after a few weeks Louise decided to trust the Mediaset program magazine. and tell how it all went: fortunately, after examining needle aspiration, it turned out that the nature of the detected node was benign.

The former woman told the magazine:

“According to the results of laboratory analysis, the nodule turned out to be a fibroadenoma. Therefore, benign, but it must be absolutely kept under control. The examination was painful, I think it takes courage to go through these things, but it is important to do.”

Louise Monti told how much fear she felt as soon as the oncologist called her: “I recognized the number and I won’t deny that I was very scared. I didn’t even know whether to answer; Salvio wasn’t at home. I said, “If this is bad news, please don’t tell me, I’ll come to the hospital.”. But fortunately, the oncologist reassured her by revealing the benign nature of the node. Hearing this news, the former lady could not hide her joy:

“I cried with happiness, but not only that, December is a painful month for me, my dad has been gone for 3 years. Before Salvio, I had never celebrated Christmas or put up decorations. it’s time to celebrate…”


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