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Post: The winner of TEFI-2023 was the “News of the Week” project and presenter Dmitry Kiselev


Dmitry Kiselev, host of the program “News of the Week” on the channel “Russia”. Archive photo

The winner of the TEFI-2023 award was the “News of the Week” project and presenter Dmitry Kiselev.

MOSCOW, December 9 – RIA Novosti. The winners of the TEFI-2023 information and socio-political broadcasting award were announced in Moscow; The winner in the nomination “Information and analytical final program” was the “News of the Week” project hosted by the general director of media. Group “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselev.

In the nomination, “Information and Analytical Final Program”, “News of the Week”, “Central Television” with Vadim Takmenev and “Final Program” with Pyotr Marchenko were presented.

Author and co-host of the Moscow program.  Kremlin.  Putin Pavel Zarubin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09.12.2023

Talk show “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” received TEFI

“The winner of the nomination “Information and analytical final program” is “News of the Week”. Producer: VGTRK. Broadcast channel: “Russia 1”, TEFI press service reported.

“This is a very important award for the entire journalism community, for those who work in the field of journalism, for everyone who sees this profession as more than a profession, in fact a matter of life… And today these names are chosen as the best of the best… the best informative and analytical final program – “News of the Week” and its presenter Dmitry Kiselev,” Rossiya 1 TV channel correspondent Olga Meshcheryakova commented on the air about the award.

The work of VGTRK military correspondents in the Northern Military District was considered the “main event of the television season”.

“Our friends are doing this now, our officers who travel from the regions to the “hot spots” and work there every day. And this is your reward, friends,” Olga Armyakova, who received the award, said at the presentation. .

Camera - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/08/2023

Military reporter Kulko won the TEFI-2023 award in the “Reporter” category

Maria Sittel, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Georgy Cherdantsev, the talk show “60 Minutes”, the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” and other awardees were also awarded with several nominations in the category of information and socio-political broadcasting.

TEFI is the industrial television award given to the highest achievements in the field of television arts. The award was established by the Academy of Russian Television Foundation on December 21, 1994. Winners of the National Television Award receive the “TEFI” award, the bronze statuette “Orpheus” by sculptor Ernst Neizvestny.

Source: Ria

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