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Post: Dancing with the Stars, Giovanni Terzi’s marriage proposal to Simone Ventura live!


Yesterday on Dancing with the Stars, Giovanni Terzi asked Simone Ventura to marry him live!

In the last episode Dancing with the Starswhich aired last night on Paradise 1dance show Millie Carlucci was applauded by one live marriage proposaladdressed Giovanni Terzi to his girlfriend Simone Ventura.

Dancing with the Stars, Giovanni Terzi asks Simone Ventura to marry him live on television!

Yesterday, Saturday, December 9, a new issue was released Dancing with the Stars and after the Argentine tango performance Simone Venturaparticipant and accomplished dancer received romantic marriage proposal from her partner Giovanni Ventura. Her boyfriend proposed to her in front of her parents and in tears. Ventura he said yes! The couple has been engaged for some time, and since they began dating Dancing with the Stars they confirmed that they want to get married in 2024:

“In 2024. Today is the day we approach this date. The truth is that we know the date, but to be honest, we defined it twice and everything happened. Three months from the date we will inform you”

But the audience is the same Simone They didn’t have to wait long, because last night, after the performance of Maestro Samuel Peron, Simone Ventura she found herself in the center of the office, surrounded by her parents, and was joined by Giovanni Terziwho stated:

“I had a great time with you all, I wanted to say something to Simone in this place that changed my life. On July 6, in front of everyone, do you want to become my wife?”

Simone Ventura she immediately said “yes” and burst into tears, with Millie Carlucci who commented positively on this moment and said that he was happy for the couple: “I’m happy, what a wonderful feeling!

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