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Post: Tom Hanks is a Cher fan and calls Mamma Mia 2 “cinematic perfection.”


Tom Hanks is a big fan of Cher and is not afraid to admit it even to the interested party: in fact, he thinks Mamma Mia! And here we are again, “cinema perfection.”

Tom Hanks he doesn’t think twice before admitting that he is Cher fan, openly communicate this to the person concerned and raise the issue Oh mom! Here we go againcontinuation of the acclaimed musical film with an amazing cast led by Meryl Streep. Presenter The Graham Norton ShowTom Hanks shared space with other big screen stars such as Julia Roberts, Timothée Chalamet and Cher, whose music career has made her a legendary name. In addition to the fact that Cher is a world-famous singer, she has acted in films several times, even getting a role in the film “Mamma Mia!” Here We Go Again, a film that Tom Hanks appreciated so much that he called it “cinema perfection.” Cher, for her part, doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

Tom Hanks is an avid fan of Cher and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again declares: “This is cinematic perfection”

During an episode of The Graham Norton Show, Cher shocked those in the studio and viewers at home by admitting that, unlike Tom Hanks, she she’s not a big fan of his music. Moreover, he admitted that he does not listen to his songs. “I’m not a big Cher fan, so I don’t usually listen to my own music.— said the Grammy-winning singer. And this concept seems to extend to his films, which he mistakenly doesn’t even watch. A fact that left both Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, who were present in the studio, speechless. The latter replied:

Then you’re missing out on something crazy. Cinematic perfection? Oh mom! Here we go again. Fernando! When he says “Fernardo”, the world stops. Suns collide with stars. This is perfection.

Also Timothee Chalamet confessed to being a Cher fan, so Tom Hanks closed the curtain, inviting his co-stars to leave the studio to enjoy a Cher movie marathon in the theater. “She-a-thon,” Julia Roberts added ironically. Backstage, Tom Hanks, Cher and Julia Roberts posed together. Timothée Chalamet didn’t join the celebration backstage, but during a studio interview, he admitted he was happy to be able to share the couch with three icons of his caliber.

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