Post: Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse: What stage is production at?

Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse would complete the trilogy consisting of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, but failed due to strikes and various slowdowns. Update from producer Chris Miller.

Big success Animated Spider-Man with character Miles Morales seems to go against the grain compared to some recent public coldness towards comic films: after Spider-Man Into the Spider-Versecontinuation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versewe expect a lot from the end of the trilogy with Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Versewhich seemed to be going through a somewhat turbulent phase in Sony Pictures Animation. At a conference dedicated to the screening of the second act, producer Chris Miller An update for fans on the status of the work following the cancellation of the original release date.

Chris Miller on ‘Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse’: ‘It’ll be a satisfying ending’

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse took home $690,517,000 worldwide this year (source Boxofficemojo) on a budget of around $150. Great success for Sony Pictures Animationsince this is the first chapter of a trilogy Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse everything went well, but with different figures: $384,300,000 for 90 of the cost. Either way, there is a huge anticipation for continuation and completion The Adventures of Miles MoralesSo Chris Millerco-producer and co-writer with his partner Phil Lord this animated saga, I wanted to inform fans about state of the third act, Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse. It is not obvious to reassure fans, because the feature film was supposed to be released at the end of March 2024, but the work has undergone changes. brakingnot only for strikes recently concluded by WGA and SAG-Aftra. Several months ago, an anonymous source (codename “Stephen“) reported backbreaking super work of animators, indirectly acknowledged by Phil Lord in Variety. “Steven” also added before punching that it was unlikely the release date chosen for the third act. Perhaps also for this reason, this date was canceled in anticipation of another, more reliable, and now Miller is moving forward with respect (source with video edited by Jonathan Sim):

We are engaged in production, we enthusiastic about the direction history has takenI think this is the one very satisfactory conclusion trilogy, somewhat touching like the other films. And that’s all I can say. At the moment we are completely immersed in work.

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