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Post: Amici, 23 years old, Exclusive interview with Elia Fiore: “It was a surge of emotions, Emanuel Law’s advice was priceless”


Elia Fiore speaks into the microphones of about the emotions he experienced at Amici.

We interviewed Elia Fioretalented dancer of the 23rd edition Friends. Extremely sensitive and reserved, Elia had experience truly full of emotion, in which there was no shortage of criticism. The dancer really won the hearts of the audience, but could not convince the judges. That’s why his coach Emanuel Law, despite always considering him a true artist with a strong personality, decided to eliminate him and interrupt his career at school. A truly painful choice, but one that certainly helped the boy gain greater awareness and grow both humanly and professionally.

A few days after he left the stage, here’s what Elia Fiore he told us about from emotions experienced at school FriendsTospecial friendship with dancer and former student Samuel Barbetta.before’Elimination from Maria De Filippi’s talent show. Dreams in a box? He dances on tour with his company De Anima.

On Amici you appeared as a very shy and reserved person. Do you think you have uncovered the real Elijah?

Shyness and restraint are, of course, very strong components, but there are also sides of my character that have not fully emerged. I’m a little sad that we didn’t get to see my friendlier, more playful and carefree side.

What was that experience like?

This was hard. On the contrary, it was not a path full of successes, but I always looked for the positive side in everything. I received a lot of advice from my teachers and always listened to them for personal and creative growth. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would do it all over again the way I did it because in the end I was still myself. I didn’t distort my nature, I always questioned myself. My dance is very personal, intimate. Perhaps I needed to introduce myself a little more for everyone to understand. However, I noticed that those who knew me and worked with me appreciated me.

There has been no shortage of criticism during your journey… Have you ever thought about giving up?

There were definitely some difficult moments that destabilized me at the time and made me think that maybe it wasn’t the right time for this type of experience. However, giving up would be stupid; it would make no sense. Yes, I had my moments of discouragement, but I never seriously thought about quitting.

If at school you could always count on the support and affection of your classmates, then outside there was always Samuele Barbetta, ready to protect and support you…

Samu and I have known each other for a long time, ever since we both tried to join Amici. Above all, we have a wonderful friendship that has grown through our joint cooperation. I believe so much in him, in his ideas and his projects. Samuele helped and supported me, he always convinced me of my abilities, pushing me not to stop there and show everyone what I am worth. He created Amici a few years ago, he was the first in our company (published by De Anima) and I praised him for the way he handled his journey. Amici is truly a very strong experience, an outburst of emotions.

Emanuel Luo’s decision to eliminate you was truly painful. Would you ever like to collaborate with him?

Emanuel gave me advice that I have always appreciated and that I still try to follow. He told me not to miss a single opportunity, never to change, to value myself more and to expand my communication space: I must dance for myself and for those who look at me. I would really like to collaborate with him, it would be interesting, because we are from two different worlds. As a professional, I respect him very much.

As for the class, what do you think of the other dancers?

The level is very high. They are all strong. Dustin will definitely arrive at the Evening, as will Gaia, who makes a wonderful journey, with enormous growth. I never had any doubts about her. She is very good. Lucia joined us quite recently, but I saw her at the castings and I was already impressed with her. I really like Kumo. I like his movements, he manages to reveal himself in every choreography. My strength, however, was that I was very recognizable.

In your opinion, is there anyone who is preparing surprises for us?

Lil Jolie. It is appreciated, but its complexity and depth have not yet emerged. Angela has a beautiful voice, but that’s not all. Having had the opportunity to get to know her better in the house, I think she still has a lot more to say and give.

Future projects and secret dreams?

At the moment my only plan is to build a career in the world of dance. My secret dream would be to take part in a national or international tour of our company’s show. This will be the culmination of years of working together with friends.

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