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Post: Men and women, Teresa Langella and Andrea Dal Corso reveal their wedding date: “We have decided where and when!”


The “Man and Woman” couple of Teresa Langella and Andrea Dal Corso are about to get married: that’s when they will get married!

Teresa Langella AND Andrea Dal Corso I’m one of the couples classic throne From Man and woman most watched and appreciated by fans of the dating show Channel 5. After an exciting adventure in the program Maria De FilippiThe couple left the program together, and almost a year ago, her ex-fiancé proposed to her and received a loving “yes.”

Men and women, Teresa Langella and Andrea Dal Corso: wedding date announced!

The couple’s wedding, as stated by direct participants in the magazine, should be celebrated in May next year, between the first and second weeks of May. However, several months after this announcement, thanks to Instagram stories, Teresa Langella he showed exact wedding date:

“Now we will tell you about it. Basically, Andre wanted to change the date, the wedding day (laughs, ed.). There was a change, we were a little undecided on the month of May, because originally it was May, yes. Do you remember? Okay then, it was a little tricky with the location to find a date this month. So we moved everything to September 14.”

There was a very specific reason behind the decision to move the date to September, revealed by a former tronist and depending on the unavailability of the location in May. In stories with Andreythe former tronista looked very excited and couldn’t wait to share this news with all the fans, as she promised:

“I wanted to tell you too, because you supported me in a lot of ways, and Andre and my family, everyone helped me choose a place, and we finally found it. In fact, I’ve been too happy for a while now. Can not wait”


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