Post: Big Brother, Greta Rossetti: “Mirko Brunetti is absent, but he is seen as something he is not” (VIDEO)

Young GF member returns to comment on Mirko Brunetti’s elimination from the game.

And after Perla Vatiero too Greta Rossetti is back to talk about the elimination of Mirko Brunetti. A few hours after new episode of Big Brotherwhich one will go broadcast tonight Monday 11 December 2023 on Canale 5the seductress of the last episode of “Temptation Island” remembered what happened, and ex boyfriend mistakes.

Greta Rossetti’s fears

Despite his exclusion from the gamewhich shocked everyone Mirko Brunetti continues to be topic of discussion both inside and outside the Big Brother House. For a former temptress Greta Rossettiwhom she encountered Vittorio Menozziboy he paid for his inconsistency and indecision:

He went out and pretended to be someone he is not, I’m so sorry. Why? Always protect us. To protect Perla and me, he did not say what he really thought. As angry as I am at him, I’m really sorry. He didn’t express his thoughts. He stood by a thread so as not to harm any of them…

It’s still:

Perla and I were talking to each other. He secretly did the same to both of them. He made us understand the same thing. He didn’t want to lose any of them. He came out because he played with both of them and people saw it. Why did he do it if it doesn’t belong to him? He’s not like that… he’s a good, decent person, he doesn’t play with other people’s feelings. However, this story has been going on since June… in June we left this program.

Second VictorInstead of, Mirko was a healthy egoist:

I think it was healthy selfishness. He really understood that he needed time. In your opinion, he did not want rapprochement on both sides? Either this is your wrong perception, or he is blinded by everything that is happening. […] Perhaps he was trying to buy time. This is a functional approach for some things, but not for others.

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