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Post: “Ilari Blasi has embarrassed the top management of Mediaset,” came the sharp attack


Ilari Blasi’s decision to publicly remove the pebbles from her shoes following the end of her marriage to Francesco Totti continues to cause controversy.

Ilari Blasi he decided to come forward and did so publicly with a Netflix documentary, an interview with Verissimo, and then the publication of his book.”So silly”. The TV presenter told the truth about the breakup of her marriageFrancesco Tottibut, according to some, this choice would create a lot an embarrassment for Mediaset.

Has Ilari Blasi embarrassed Mediaset management?

A year later there was deafening silence, Ilari Blasi decided to reveal the whole truth about end of her marriage to Francesco Totti and he did it in the most amazing way. The presenter essentially told her story in the documentary Unica, one of the most watched on Netflix, and then recounted her version of events in an autobiographical book published by Mondadori.So silly” The media outcry was enormous, and public opinion was divided between those who believe Blasi was right to speak out publicly and those who instead believe his pain was put in the service of profit in order to fill their coffers at the expense of credibility to the ex-president. -husband.

Meanwhile, the ruthless war between them continues in the Court, and it seems that Fabrizio Corona will be called to testify on Ilari’s behalf. ready to reveal the truth about Totti’s infidelities over the years. There are those who believe Blasi made the wrong choice. Karina Casella, who told Nuovo TV: “I think this caused some confusion among Mediaset’s senior management.

According to the former Men and Women commentator, Ilari would have caused a media storm on the network of which he is the face, and perhaps she would have been taken away for the same reason. management of L’Isola dei Famosi, passed into the hands of Vladimir Luxury. Although this remains an opinion and the rest is just speculation, as Blasi herself stated that she had abandoned the program in favor of Battiti Live because it needs change, The presenter makes her debut as an actress in her first film in cinema. In short, whether she did well or poorly, her choices have certainly brought her new popularity, and that’s undeniable.

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