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Post: Orlando, Michele Placido – Determined Grandfather on Sky Cinema Due


Airing tonight on Sky Cinema Due and NOW Orlando, the drama stars Michele Placido as a grandfather who meets his granddaughter and decides to take her home with him after a family tragedy.

Dramatic film presented out of competition at Turin Film Festival throughout 2022 and released theatrically in December of that year. Orlando will arrive this evening Sunday, February 25, 2024on first television Sky Cinema Two and the broadcast continues NOW starts at 21.15. Director Daniele Vicari and a soundtrack composed by Teho Tirdo and Davide Cavuti, the film received three award nominations. Silver ribbons in 2023, of which the special one won Michele Placido as a leading actor.

Orlando, drama film streaming on Sky Cinema Due: plot and cast

Filmed between Italy and Brussels.Orlando tells the story grandfather that he will find his again grandson albeit under unpleasant circumstances. His name is Orlando, he lives in a small village located in the mountains, surrounded by nature and the tranquility that can be felt in a country where life moves slowly. Orlando lives in Italy, but, unlike his fellow villagers and his son, he never wanted to leave his land. Tied to the reality in which he was born and raised, Orlando has never left his home, but one day he is forced to do so. A phone call comes from Brussels, Belgium: his son asks him for help. Orlando can’t refuse, so he packs his suitcase and hits the road for the first time in his life, leaving Italy and his mountain town behind. He arrives in Brussels and meets a little girl named for the first time. Lisa, with long blond hair and very pale skin. He finds out that she is his granddaughter and that she is 12 years old.

They meet under dire circumstances, are reunited in tragedy, and Orlando decides to take Lisa with him, uprooting her European roots to take her to a small provincial town in Italy. Accustomed to different lives and rhythms, their coexistence will not be easy at all, but with amazement they soon realize that they need each other and that they have to build a future together, step by step. throw Orlando is led by Michele Placido, who plays Orlando, and Lisa has the traits Angelina Kazankova. The cast still includes Fabrizio Rongione, Federico Pacifici, Denis Mpunga AND Christelle Cornil.

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