Men and women, Lilly Pugliese abdicates the throne: “I don’t fit”

Could a former admirer of Luca Salatino become the new Throne of Men and Women? His answer leaves no doubt.

Beauty 28 years old from Rome, Lilly Pugliese, former fan of Luca Salatino who ended his journey on throne from Men and women with choice Soraya Cherutifrom what her experience is on a dating show Maria De Filippinever misses an opportunity to thank the fans for the affection and support he receives from them.

Men and women, Lilly Pugliese abdicates the throne: “I don’t fit”

Many viewers of the program were rooting for her and now dream of seeing her in the most famous red chair on television. On Instagram to those who asked her if she would accept the throne if it was offered to her, Lilly however, he ousted everyone:

“You asked me this question twenty thousand, yes guys, I would go, but I think you knew me a little and saw that I was not very suitable for the throne!”

At the moment, there has been no official offer from the editors, who, like the hostess, are currently enjoying their usual summer holidays ahead of new registrations, which will take place in late August, early and early September. . Only during these weeks we will see who will be the new protagonists of the dating show.

Young Roman also spoke about some of the more intimate aspects of his character and his future projects.

“My main advantage is that I can listen to people. My worst flaw is that sometimes I find it difficult to express myself. I would like to be a little tougher and less sensitive so that I don’t take more hits in my life in general.”

lex-fiance also revealed his secret dreams:

“The first is to realize myself in the working environment as a stylist / seamstress. The second is to create a friendly family.”

After Luke’s choice, Lillyinterview Magazine for men and womendid not hide his disappointment with the bitter end of the road:

“I do not deny that I had a particularly hard few days, because I withdrew into myself, unfortunately, when I feel bad, I tend to do it. I was probably wrong in thinking that opposites attract, because in many cases similar people end up understanding each other better, and I think that’s why things worked out between me and him.”

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