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Post: “My favorite person”: Rosenbaum spoke about the departed Pugacheva


Rosenbaum called Pugacheva, who went to Israel, a loved one

MOSCOW, June 27 – RIA Novosti. Alexander Rosenbaum confessed his love to Alla Pugacheva, who went to Israel, and noted that he called her several times.

“I love Alla madly. I didn’t say goodbye to her and I won’t say goodbye. I talked to her several times, I think, on the phone now. Why not? I love her madly. It’s an era in pop music,” he said.

In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, Rosenbaum added that Primadonna could return to Russia.

“I will not condemn him, I will not argue, etc. If you want me to put it in the word ‘traitor’, I will. He’s gone, maybe he’ll come back, maybe he won’t. Actually, I think it’s the first. He is my favorite person,” the singer concluded.

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and their children have been living in Israel for several months. The family refuses to call it immigration. The singer noted that at the beginning of the school year she plans to return to Russia and is currently undergoing treatment.

Very rarely, the artist communicates with fans on social networks. She supported her husband in a recent post.

Source: Ria

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