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Post: Fashion designer Yanina says France respects Russian brands


Getting ready for the show of the new collection. archive photo

Fashion designer Yanina: Russian brands are excluded from Paris Fashion Week, but respect for them remains

MOSCOW, July 5 – RIA Novosti. Russian brands are not included in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week for political reasons due to state-level requirements, Yulia Yanina, founder and creative director of the Yanina family fashion house, told RIA Novosti her company in France remains respectful.

Earlier, information appeared on Telegram channels that the Paris Haute Couture Federation removed Russian brands from the program of Haute Couture Fashion Week, which took place from July 4-7, among them were the brands Yanina and Ulyana Sergeenko.

“The attitude of the Haute Couture Syndicate towards the fashion house Yanina is still love and respect, but this season in France, due to political reasons and state-level requirements, Russian brands are not on the official calendar of the Week. The show will take place on July 6 as planned,” he said. Next.

Emphasizing that participation in the fashion week was also prevented by logistical problems, “For example, it became impossible to take the team to France.” At the same time, Yanina noted that the fashion house continues its work.

“We are in good shape, we are working on many new projects in Russia, which we are very happy and proud of! Our Paris press office is actively working with the media and bloggers, great interest in creativity remains at home. We said a lot in the collection: about the mood, about the situation in the world, About what we should strive for.In this difficult time, we hope that influencers, the press, social networks will support our next talk about beauty and beauty. And we are sure that, bypassing the political and informational tension, everything will turn into hoops,” said Yanina.

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