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Post: Cairo Metro apologizes to Russian artist for plagiarism in his works


Metro Cairo. archive photo

Cairo Metro apologizes to Russian artist Kurasov for having his work stolen

CAIRO, 5 July – RIA Novosti. The operator of the third line of Egypt’s capital, RATP Dev Cairo, said that he apologized to the Russian artist for the incident in which his work was stolen at one of the stations of the Cairo metro and announced his intention to sue the Egyptian artist who seized the images. .

Russian artist Georgy Kurasov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday that four of his works, with minor changes, end up on the walls of the metro station of the Faculty of Women in Cairo, but Egyptian artist Gada Wali is the author. According to Kurasov, Vali made a collage of his pictures on the computer, cut out the figures and made his own composition from them.

The RATP and the National Tunnelings Authority said in a statement that the contract with Gada Wali’s company was terminated in March for a number of reasons unrelated to the plagiarism case.

In the statement received by RIA Novosti, “We emphasize that the RATP and the Office did not know that the images were illegally borrowed from the works of the Russian artist. We are against any infringement of intellectual property rights.”

It is noted that authorities are currently investigating options to take legal action against the Governor’s company and footage at the station will be “changed”.

“We apologize to the Russian artist Georgy Kurasov and the public for this incident,” the statement said.

Source: Ria

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