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Post: Lyubimova announces the return of Kandinsky’s works to Russia


Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. Archive photo

Lyubimov: Kandinsky’s works returned to Russia from an exhibition in Italy

MOSCOW, July 6 – RIA Novosti. The works of the artist Wassily Kandinsky returned to Russia from an exhibition in Italy, a total of 49 works went abroad, knowledgeable Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

“Objects in the exhibition dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky have returned to Russia from Italy,” the minister wrote in his letter. 49 works were presented in the exhibition “Wassily Kandinsky – from figurative art to abstract”. This was held at the Palazzo Roverella Museum in Rovigo.” Telegram channel.

He thanked the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Russian ambassadors to Italy and Finland, and the shipping company for their assistance in organizing the return of Russian artworks.

Particularly exhibitions from the funds of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum participated in the exhibition. Pushkin, Krasnodar Art Museum. Kovalenko, State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Tyumen Museum and Educational Association and Astrakhan Art Gallery. Besides Dogadin, the private St. Works from the St. Petersburg gallery KGallery.

Zelfira Tregulova, director of the Tretyakov Gallery, said in an interview with RIA Novosti earlier that the paintings will return to the museum in the coming days. According to him, several paintings went abroad.

Source: Ria

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