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MOSCOW, July 7 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Surkov. If someone decides to write a biography of Zhanna Aguzarova, the work will be incredible. Celebrating her 60th birthday today, one of the best domestic singers has very carefully constructed a series of legends about her own life. But no one is trying to find out where is the truth and where is the fiction, because the main thing is its music.

Must Be a Star: Jeanne’s Initial Ambition

He suddenly appeared in Moscow in the early 1980s, and even then he understood very well: he had a talent, a completely unusual voice – a sharp, subtle, unforgettable timbre. And he should be a star.

Jeanne began to invent a biography for herself: she told everyone that her parents were foreign diplomats. As confirmation, she showed a passport in the name of a certain Ivan Anders she. The artist pasted his own photo into the document, and “Ivan” forwarded it to “Ivanna” or “Yvonne”.

He met many rising stars at rock and roll “sessions”, which were abundant in those years in Moscow. Including – with Garik Sukachev and Sergey Galanin.

At one of these parties, guitarist Yevgeny Khavtan saw him, who had previously played in several bands and thought for himself. There were musical developments, almost the entire staff was assembled – only the vocalist was missing. Jeanne’s voice fits perfectly. Thus, one of the main Moscow groups appeared.

Initial success and forced labor: The birth of “Bravo”

The first tape recordings instantly spread throughout the country. The bright, peppy rock and roll melodies of Havtan and Zhanna’s voice, absolutely recognizable, unique, expressive, were remembered by the audience: the group began to gain popularity.

Rock band “Bravo”

True, so far there has been no talk of any official career – the concerts were semi-underground. When police officers came to such a “session” and musicians ended up in the department. The passport turned out to be fake, and the singer was sent to forced labor for a year and a half in the Tyumen region – joking with the main document of a citizen in the USSR was unacceptable.

The group waited for him – and a completely different life began. “Bravo” gained legal status, entered the Moscow rock laboratory and even liked Alla Pugacheva herself. The first official album has been released. They performed at numerous festivals, but the appearance in one of the main entertainment programs of that time – “Musical Ring” brought the group nationwide fame.

“Russian Album”: the queen of the underground

And then a split occurs: Zhanna wanted to stay underground, she hated being an “all-Union star”. The singer decided to pursue a solo career. After graduating from the Ippolitov-Ivanov College of Music, she recorded perhaps one of the most striking recordings of domestic rock music – the “Russian Album”, which showed Jeanne’s talent not only as an outstanding singer, but also as a composer.

In addition to rock and roll familiar to the audience, there were much more complex and even philosophical things, such as “Touch Yesenin” or the magnificent, dramatic “Star”. It would seem that more success was achieved – but Aguzarova again took an unexpected step.

The American dream: failure in the USA and a return to Russia

He goes to the USA, which seems to be a way to reach the top of the international musical Olympus. However, the American market did not work out, and in the mid-1990s Zhanna returned to Russia.

Sometimes they take part in anniversary concerts “Bravo”. The singer did not lose touch with the group and Yevgeny Khavtan, but was not interested in repeating himself, so there was no mention of reunion.

Soviet and Russian singer Zhanna Aguzarova

National but not popular: the unique Zhanna Aguzarova

Aguzarova’s rare interviews cemented her reputation as the queen of ugliness – she spoke either of outer space or the sacred meaning of her own creativity. And sometimes it was unclear where the singer openly mocked the interviewer and where he spoke the truth. At the same time, he was absolutely satisfied with the status of an underground singer: the club audience, who regularly came to concerts, sincerely admired him, was exactly what he needed.

He released these songs only in 2020 and brought them together in the album “Queen of the Sunset”. And, apparently, such slowness and unwillingness to be like everyone else is still in his nature.

He still creates his own world – as a person and as a musician – a world in which no one but himself actually has access. It is comfortable in this universe. And Aguzarova doesn’t seem to care at all what others think about it.

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