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Post: Men and women, Marcello Messina stung Armando Incarnato after latest discouraging statements


Armando Incarnato’s comment about the appearance shown in “Men and Women” puzzled even former colleague Marcello Messina.

Since Armando Incarnato gave an explanation for her constant shocks in terms of appearance, the public Men and women seems to make fun of the Neapolitan knight, like a former colleague. Marcello Messinain fact, he makes fun of social media and goes back to sting Armando.

Men and women, Marcello Messina vs. Armando Incarnato

A few days ago, a video appeared on the network, which contains the main changes in appearance Armando Incarnatoone of the most talked about knights Men and women. Video infuriated the Neapolitan knightwho felt undeservedly ridiculed and wanted to explain what makes him do more and more bold and unusual hairstyles, confessing to Instagram that he was forced to do this in order to make himself unrecognizable to the fans who would otherwise attack him and prevent him from living a peaceful life. Without a doubt, a bold explanation accompanied by very heavy report on Armando, which casts doubt on the words of the knight. Meanwhile, reading the latest statements Embodiedeven a former colleague Marcello Messina he caught himself ironically writing on social media:

“It’s true that sometimes I feel like I’m living in another world, obviously my own world. I was wondering why anyone should cut or dye their hair, male or female. For example, take my case, I cut them because it was deadly hot and I wanted to be more comfortable, cooler for training and all that. Instead, I find out that someone might be cutting their hair or coloring for other reasons! Mamma mia guys.

The words Marcello shared by many fans who find Armando the idea of ​​being a public figure recognizable in everyday life is definitely too exalted, but there are those who sided with the Neapolitan, forcing Messina explain your provocation. The knight repeated that hair should be cut or dyed for beauty or for one’s own pleasure, and that it was implausible to hear that someone does it so as not to be recognized, unless it is the Pope!

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