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Post: Men and Women: Lilly Pugliese comments on the rift between Matteo and Valeria, then makes a revelation about Luca Salatino.


The former fan of “Men and Women” returns to talk about Luca Salatino and then comments on the end of the relationship between Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone.

Lilly Pugliese remained in the hearts of fans Men and womenwho continue to willingly follow you on Instagram. Here’s a former fan Luca Salatino she returned to the conversation about the Roman throne, and then commented on the end of the relationship between Matteo Ranieri As well as Valeria Cardone.

Men and women, Lilly Pugliese is raising Luca Salatino and …

Last TV season Men and women, Lilly Pugliese she managed to attract the attention of many fans of the program due to her education. The amateur returned to her everyday life, admitting that she had no intention of returning to television, as she was projected into the studio for a career as a stylist. When on Instagramhowever, her followers asked her if she was still thinking about Luca SalatinoWhy did she fall in love so much Lilly He admitted:

“No, it was a long time ago, at some point it continues.”

Lilly she continues to study and has admitted that she intends to spend the summer in Rome, finding a summer job when the patisserie where she works closes for the holidays. The ex-fiancé is very busy and has a kind soul, as evidenced by her comment on the gap between Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone.

“I was sorry because I didn’t expect it, they were really cute together, I liked them, maybe… I don’t know why, that’s how it was.”

The young woman did not want to point the finger at Matteo As well as Valeria, despite much controversy over the past few weeks surrounding a couple that, for many, never even existed. While the former Ligurian throneist and former Neapolitan fiancé remain tied to the press shutdown, fueling new controversy, Lilly confirms that it will not be there new throner of men and womensince there was no official proposal in his favor.

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