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Post: Leps commented on his first divorce


Grigory Leps first commented on his divorce from Anna Shaplykova

MOSCOW, July 7 – RIA Novosti. Grigory Leps first commented on his divorce from Anna Shaplykova. They lived together for about 20 years, they have three joint children – Eva, Nicole and Ivan. The singer said that he regretted what happened.

“Of course, I’m sorry that all this has happened. I have so outrageously offended my wife, who has served me faithfully for decades. But we are not the first, we are not last on the list of divorces and disagreements.” said the artist.

In an interview with Antenna, she added that she was responsible for the breakup.

Leps said, “All I can say is that only one person is to blame for everything that happened in our divorce. And that’s me. There are no other culprits.”

The artist also noted that he sometimes continues to come home.

“I’m going home, why did they let me in. Now I live in the office, the family house is 10 meters away,” said Grigory.

The couple legalized their relationship in 2000. Anna worked as a dancer for Laima Vaikule at that time.

Leps had previously stated that her heart was free after her divorce.

Source: Ria

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