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Post: Ptakha’s wife divorced him immediately after the birth of his daughter.


The wife of rapper Ptakha Lana Reutova divorced him immediately after the birth of his daughter

MOSCOW, July 18 – RIA Novosti. Lana Reutova, the wife of rapper Ptakhi (David Nureyev), announced their divorce three months after the birth of her daughter. The reason was the suspicion of the artist of treason.

“How hard it was for me to make this nine-year decision, but they left me no choice. I filed for divorce. I sincerely loved it, but I do not want to continue with everything we have”, the girl admitted.

According to Lana, the first betrayal occurred a few years ago.

“We left the day D first cheated on me, and it happened years ago and it’s not over to this day. All this time I’ve tried my best not to believe, not see, not hear, not understand. And of course all the same, forgive and give it another chance,” she continued. did Reutova.

He added that he felt empty and confused, but asked subscribers not to feel sorry for him. The girl also said that she would not interfere with Ptah’s communication with her daughter.

The couple had a baby girl named Siyana on April 11, 2022. Bird also has an adult daughter, Nicole, from a previous relationship. The girl took part in the show “Boys”, in which she admitted that she did not communicate with her father: according to her, Ptakha left her when she was three years old.

Source: Ria

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