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Post: Dana Borisova told what the money collected from subscribers goes


Dana Borisova called housing and communal services debt the reason to collect money from subscribers

MOSCOW, July 19 – RIA Novosti. Dana Borisova admitted that she asks subscribers for money to pay for housing and communal services. She accumulated a debt of 25 thousand rubles, she.

“I owed 25,000 rubles for an apartment. Take it and just send a hundred rubles,” said Dana.

In a comment to the portal, registeredHe said he looked at some of his friends’ request but didn’t send anything.

“Some of my friends looked at stories that I wanted to transfer a hundred rubles, but did not throw a penny. And there were people who sent even one ruble, seven rubles each,” said Borisova.

He was angry that many gentlemen also ignored his request.

“I was especially enraged by men. Cavaliers courting and trusting in something. Instead of throwing a hundred rubles, the young man writes:” Are you okay? “I guess it’s not a men’s move”, the star concluded.

Earlier, Borisova posted on social networks a post with the request to “just throw a hundred rubles” on the card, because until September there will be no shootings.

Source: Ria

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